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DGI Faster Forward - Issue 2


January 2014 marks the requirement date for full service IMb to be mandatory. Any questions that both marketers and mailing facilities might have had are now focused on implementation. DGI, A Bolger Company, has been certified to handle IMb for two years. So, what is IMb? It means greater data availability and the ability to locate and track an individual mail piece as it makes its way through the processing and delivery steps. It also means automation discounts.

So, how are direct marketers using IMb? To monitor mail through the production process, last minute changes can be made, call center staffing is more accommodating, coordinate mail with promotions such as TV/radio advertising and email messaging and to provide support for cross channel campaigns.

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We're all trying to get as much as we can. Many are trying to analyze it. Others are utilizing it to sell more product and those who know how to use it, to find answers to new problems. And probably the vast majority is just trying to figure out how to manage it all!

Calling it a revolution on par with the internet or the printing press, authors Viktor Mayer-Schonberger and Kenneth Neil Cukier say Big Data will change the way we think about future business, health, politics, education and innovation. Their recent book simply called "BIG DATA: A Revolution That Will Transform How We Live, Work and Think" gives a clear picture of how this procured information will indeed change our lives and what we can do to protect ourselves from any hazards. A must read.


They are everywhere, but are they really being used in the right way to be effective? Some say no. Sabine Lenz, founder of PaperSpecs and a European designer says, "Think twice when someone says, 'We must have a QR Code'. They open a world of wonderful opportunities, but most are not reaching their potential yet. The majority I see are used simply for the sake of using them," she said. Her advice - "The next time your clients or you consider incorporating a QR code, think about the incredible, breathtaking offer you can include in the campaign, then make the offer in-your-face obvious." To read Sabine's entire article on how the strawberries in the grocery store have QR codes and what they say to her go to:

QR Codes: The silent brand killer

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