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Want your message to motivate? Print it.

Brands are built on emotional connections and nothing delivers like a beautifully crafted printed piece. Print strengthens relationships and builds brand equity.

Savvy marketers know that using both print and online media is the most effective way to reach customers. Print drives response.
Consider this:

67% of online action is driven by offline messages

(Print in the Mix Study, 2007)

Print delivers on both business and environmental goals.
From environmentally sound pressroom practices to recycling and waste reduction, print is a responsible medium.
Let us translate your brand into captivating, motivating print.

To begin, contact Jane McCauley (jmccauley@dgi.net) at 800-233-7454
or email: consult@dgi.net.
DGI is a division of Bolger Vision Beyond Print. Visit us at: www.bolgerinc.com